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Aug 27, 2013

bodygarage: The (longer) introduction

2009 was the year I learned about minerals.

I had picked up heavy metals blood toxicity from the soldering iron, or perhaps the sea salt, or maybe it was the fish once a week, or my dental amalgams, or then again it could have been the cadmium leaching from my many gadgets’ batteries. In any case, I had tested positive for heavy metals toxicity using an in-home test kit that I purchased over the internet, and tested very, very high. This was good, in a way, because I finally had some validation of something being wrong with me. My longtime migraines had become un-manageable, and partial blindness had started to manifest in one eye. A retina scan at my optometrist showed nothing out of the ordinary, and my neurologist-arranged MRI scan came back normal. Medications weren’t working, and instead created a strange narcolepsy that I had never encountered.

Research led me to find two specialty doctors with expertise in toxicology, and I began following their combined advices. Over the course of a few weeks I would take a dozen or more pills daily, and the combined effect progressively drained the contamination out of me. In its place, it would leave an awful headache, chills and nausea. The bathroom, oddly enough, became a most wonderful space where these impurities would be unloaded and I would emerge a somewhat restored but weak-feeling, being.

One night, rather foolishly, I took a high dose of detox medication and forgot to supplement my minerals. I then fell asleep. The next morning I experienced what I can only describe as severe depletion. All the food I ate would not fill my needs, deficiencies left me with a headache-like feeling of pain (but not a headache). When I would supplement my minerals, I would feel better.

One day while food shopping I bought a few instant meals made of beans and dehydrated vegetables. When I ate one, I found myself entirely restored of well-being for some time. These simple just-add-water meals had serious power, and it made me wonder just what they contained that was so powerful.

My research took on this new direction of food exploration, and I re-visited my love for cooking from a medicinal point of view. I read many books, some ordered from overseas, others out of print, and from a wide range of authors with different specialties. In them I saw a correspondence of principles that offered a new perspective, one that I made practical in my everyday life.

My experiments continued, and success with mineral supplements in liquid form led me to develop the “myMinerals” Windows software to manage the entire process.


myMinerals 1.0 on WindowsXP alongside my not-so-natural detox products (2009)
(notice the erratic mineral levels, and the poor image quality)

I went through that experience and came out with a practical understanding of minerals and heavy metals blood toxicity treatment. Over the next several years I learned more about these subjects, and much more about food and its mineral content. I have not had a migraine or headache since 2009.


myMinerals 1.0 on iOS (2012)
(not real data in graph)

In April 2012 I bought an iPhone, and in November the myMinerals for iOS app was born. In early 2013 I revisited the path I took in 2009, purchasing a liquid minerals set and logging my data anew.

The first thing that I noticed was that the minerals tasted very different from what I remembered. The second thing was that my mineral levels were entirely depleted with the exception of meals boosting me between tests. Over the next few months the myMinerals app was greatly improved, with a new formula for supplementing even the smallest deficiencies. iPad support was added, and for deficiency management purposes or heavy metals blood detoxification (where mineral levels change at a rapid pace), 3 hour reminder notifications were added to prompt the user to test and supplement their minerals. From my own experience I can see that it is working very well.


myMinerals 1.5 on iOS (2013)

bodygarage and its mineral deficiency treatment software continues to be improved, and the app format allows me to keep it fresh – as I find new and more accessible ways to achieve the same result.

If you have unexplained headaches, migraine headaches, occular migraines, vertigo or muscular tension there is a potential opportunity to cure yourself for good.

If your digestive and sinus troubles have left you looking for relief, there is a chance to try something new.

I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did making it.

Summer 2013

“She’s got a cigarette on each arm. She’s got the lily-white cavity crazes. She’s got a carburetor tied to the moon, pink eyes looking to the food of the ages. She’s alone in the new pollution.”
Beck – The New Pollution (Youtube)

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