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Aug 20, 2017

Facebook Post – 072417 – Trusted Morgellons Solutions – Putting S.O.S. Scabies Into Use


By now you should have read my free book S.O.S. Scabies and are putting the best practices to daily use.

This includes:
– The special attention to clothes, linens, towels, and bedding
– The special attention to laundry and general hygiene
– The anti-parasitic body oil and ensuring your entire body is coated in it

For clarity, or those who just like to skim and not really read the book (due to an inability to focus etc), here is a recap of the included shopping list for Amazon Canada (most all of these products are available on other Amazon sites).

In order of importance:

1. Panda Mini Dryer

If you don’t already have a clothes dryer you will need this. The heat reaches 130F and will effectively sterilize your clothes, linens, and towels after each use. Washing your items is not as important as blasting them with heat.

2. 20 Mule Team Borax
There is no reasonably priced product on Amazon Canada, see your local stores.

1/3rd cup in every clothes washing load effectively kills anything you don’t want to know about. There is no replacement for this product, so buy several boxes. This product is also used in “Ted’s Mange Cure”, see the recipes section.

3. 3% Hydrogen Peroxide
There is no reasonably priced product on Amazon Canada, see your local stores.

This product is used in “Ted’s Mange Cure”, see the recipes section.

4. Rosemary Oil (pre-made, excellent!)
Rosemary Herb (to make it yourself, see recipes section)

Nature’s most wonderful antiparasitic herb. The extracted oil is extremely effective with one single application, and unlike all other antiparasitics it is entirely gentle, causes no irritation, and has a pleasant camphor smell. This oil, combined with neem oil and coconut oil form the main S.O.S. Scabies solution. Great thanks to a German man by the name of Friedrich Küchenmeister who wrote about rosemary oil for parasitic treatment back in 1857. This replaces every caustic, troublesome, and undependable pesticide sold in modern pharmacies.

5. Neem Oil

This is fifth on the list but actually shares the most important position with rosemary oil. The seed of the amazing Azadirachta Indica tree, native to India and Pakistan, contains a
volatile oil that unfailingly controls the mite reproductive cycle and will halt all development. It must be mixed no thinner than 1:8 (ideally 1:5) with an inexpensive refined coconut oil and applied head to toe, every day, until the appearance of new lesions stops and existing lesions have faded. You may need a lot of neem oil, and even more refined coconut oil. I recommend you start with 1L neem and 4L coconut and reorder as necessary.

6. Inexpensive Refined Coconut Oil

Carrier oil for daily head to toe applications. Your local dollar store or big box store may offer a similar product for just a few dollars.

7. Ground Ginger Powder

For a cleansing bath, see recipes section.

8. Baking Soda

For a cleansing bath, see recipes section.

9. Triple Antibiotic Ointment

For healing of infected lesions.

10. Condiment Squeeze Bottles for Oil Applications

These inexpensive plastic ketchup, mustard, and relish bottles are a practical and convenient solution. Again, your local dollar store may offer better value.

11. Nisska Steel Nit Comb

If your head is affected, this is the product to buy for removal of deposits. Easily sterilized and quickly reusable, this is an excellent product of good manufacturing.

12. Nail Brush

Cleaning under your nails is very important after they have been cut short. Keep them covered with rosemary oil after doing this and wear cotton gloves if possible.

13. Ableware Roll-Easy Lotion Applicator

Reaching your back completely is very important, this all-plastic tool does the job well and cleans up quickly.

14. Bed Bug Proof Pillow Protectors and Bed Bug Proof Bed Encasement

For peace of mind, and to limit the areas of re-transmission.

15. Grapefruit Seed Extract

For the Antiparasitic Cocktail recipe. A natural antibiotic that will help pass the viral load. If your chest is excessively heavy, this will help.

16. Diatomaceous Earth
There is no reasonably priced product on Amazon Canada, see your local stores.

A fossilized silica product for internal cleansing and external protection.

17. Olive Leaf Extract Capsules

As your body passes the problem your immune system will be operating at peak. You may experience flu-like symptoms, and this product offers some relief of these symptoms when taking one capsule twice a day.

18. Nu-Stock Ointment

A 70% sulfur ointment that soothes and reduces troublesome lesions. See the recipes section for best use.

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