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Aug 18, 2017

Long time no see, life interrupted by morgellons disease


To the old followers of this page, I know I’ve been quiet for some time.

Since July 2016 I have been terribly sick with a complicated tick-borne infection, and unless you saw my ordeal unfold here (posts which were since deleted in March), I could only be found on Lymenet, and later, facebook. The original posts I made between November and February are backed up, although I only have the first version which was always edited for clarity, typos, etc. They may appear eventually, but I’m unsure if I want to share the negativity of what I went through.

Shortly after joining facebook in late April, I told my story in pictures here:
Jory Anick’s Morgellons Ordeal (Part 1)

Since going on treatment, and returning to Facebook to participate in my doctor’s group there, I have slowly come back to some semblance of a normal life. I still can’t work on a reliable schedule, and continue to suffer from pain and intense fatigue, but the worst of my ordeal seems to have passed.

My time spent on Lymenet and Facebook were entirely productive. I met many friendly, smart, and experienced people, and as I learned new things from them I put their ideas into practice. These ideas have helped improve my quality of life, and I felt compelled to spread the message by sharing with others. The posts I made to both Lymenet and Facebook will eventually be reposted here on this blog.

For those meeting me for the first time on this page, my name is Jory Anick, I’m a software developer from Montreal, Canada, and have a complicated tick-borne infection called morgellons disease. The bacterial payload of the tick that bit me also included lyme disease (borrelia), as well as two long-known livestock diseases named bartonella and babesia. I spend hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars per month to stay alive, and see an out-of-country doctor because my healthcare system has failed me like it has failed hundreds of thousands of other Canadians. There is no knowledge of tick-borne disease in Canada.

I now hope to share everything I know about tick-borne diseases on this blog, awareness of this problem is crucial to the well-being of our collective future.

See my Amazon review of Ginger Savely’s book on morgellons.

jory at joryanick dot com

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pps: Want to read more? See my posts to Lymenet that eventually got me to tick-borne disease expertise:
NB Protocol Thread at Lymenet (March 2017)

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