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Sep 3, 2014

Migraine Books: What’s Different About bodygarage?


I recently joined the Goodreads author community, and did a search for books on migraine headache solutions. Many of the comments about these books are from buyers who say they have found some form of relief, and that the relief can vary from day to day, depending on other factors. I thought about this, and decided it would be ideal to write a blog post to share what’s different about the bodygarage migraine solution.

First off, why is it named ‘bodygarage’?

The book contains a set of at-home procedures – one is like an automobile oil-change, another is like an automobile fuel injector cleaner, and the entire book focuses on how to build the best fuels for your system. A mechanic works on cars in a garage or bodygarage – it just made sense to call the book by that name.

What’s with the toilet on the cover?

The body naturally wants to be clean, and this is where the body cleans itself. Nature isn’t always pretty.

Is this migraine headache cure solution for real? What’s the scientific background? What’s your scientific background?

I’m a technical type of person, and in my 30+ year career of writing software I’ve developed and marketed streaming media tools, data compression technologies, software developer tools, and more recently, apps for the Apple iPhone/iPad platform. Details and geeky things are my joy, and I try to make complex ideas simple and accessible to everyone.

Yes, the bodygarage migraine solution is a permanent cure. You’ll buy a test kit online (your choice of where), and if you test positive, the bodygarage book will show you how to safely cleanse your body of it. You’ll test yourself again after 21 days, and if necessary the process is repeated (for severe cases only). Once you test negative the migraines go away permanently. 100%. Forever. The scientific background involves three distinct and respected sciences that are 50+ years old, 11 years old, and 25 years old (as of this writing in 2014.).

Migraine books always talk about minerals and how I need to add more magnesium to my diet. What does bodygarage say about this?

Minerals are the most important elements that humans operate on, and deficiencies cause disease of every sort. bodygarage will make you an expert on minerals – you’ll learn what each one does, where to find them in food, which foods are richest in them, which activities deplete them, and with the use of the myMinerals app for iOS you’ll get to intimately know your body’s levels of potassium, zinc, magnesium, copper, chromium, manganese, molybdenum, selenium and iodine.

Taking magnesium without evidence of a magnesium deficiency isn’t good for you – the myMinerals app and Liquid Minerals product together show you your deficiencies and helps fill in the blanks to restore order to the levels in your blood. Evidence-based supplementation is intelligent supplementation.

Migraines and sinusitis often go together, is it one solution that heals them both? What’s the basis of the sinusitis remedy?

No, each problem has its own solution. The Bodygarage sinusitis solution is an oil-based ayurvedic recipe, and works so well that I have not needed antibiotics in 5 years. Summer antibiotics for sinus infections were a life-long thing for me, but no longer. My sinus polyps are also gone, no surgery was required. Page 22 of bodygarage is a life changer for sinusitis sufferers.

There are a lot of products to buy in bodygarage, what’s your involvement with the vendors?

Yes there are many things to buy, especially if you follow all the recommendations for equipping your kitchen. The essential recipes can be isolated however to minimize these costs.

Bodygarage includes a shopping list and a short list of vendors. These companies know me as a customer only and I have no connections to them otherwise. In one case, a vendor was so greatly helpful one morning in 2009, exchanging a series of e-mails that changed my understanding of health forever. I’m happy to recommend his quality products because of this.

I hope this post helps readers understand me and my book a bit better, that they might consider the details instead of the marketing materials which are still being improved. Read bodygarage to learn how you can start improving your health!

Best wishes,


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