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Jan 12, 2015

myMinerals Concepts

myMinerals mineral deficiency treatment app

Recently I had a chance to discuss the myMinerals app with a new reader, and thought it would be worthwhile to summarize some concepts for the benefit of all newcomers.

This is Mineral Deficiency and Persistent Mineral Deficiency

As seen above, regular mineral deficiency (on the left) starts to fill in quickly, the existing blood stores are not entirely depleted. On the right we can see a persistent mineral deficiency, one that takes a while for the missing stores to fill in.

What’s making the recipes, how does it work?

myMinerals uses two algorithms for treatment, one is for regular use and the other is for the detox mode setting. For regular use there is a basic multiplier value for each mineral, just a single number. For detox mode there are two multiplier values, one is for the mineral being tested, and the other is for filling a deficiency of that mineral. The deficiency multiplier is based on my experiments while developing myMinerals. The objective was to find a ‘sweet spot’ – where a deficiency filled before bedtime would last through 8 hours of sleep and not show up as a deficiency upon waking. It took two separate events four years apart for me to tune this to a reliable level, and it works very well.

In detox mode the recipes have many mineral drops, is it safe?

These numbers may approach the tolerable upper limit for people who do not have deficiencies, but if you are deficient these numbers can be acceptable. In my experience, and for my average weight and height, these higher values are necessary to permanently reverse deficiency. Once you are no longer deficient you stop using myMinerals and liquid minerals – its work is done.

If you have been struggling with persistent mineral deficiency, myMinerals will solve that for you, once and for all. myMinerals is free to download and use, visit myMinerals on the Apple App Store to start improving your life today!

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