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bodygarage Health Book Blog

Aug 8, 2014

Minerals, Oils, and Brain Health

bodygarage, The Minerals, Migraine, Sinusitis & Digestion Solution Book

Learning and advanced brain functions can only operate well when the body’s basic needs are met.

Unfortunately many of us secretly suffer from mineral deficiencies due to an insufficient diet, or a lacking nutritional base since birth.

Compounding these deficiencies, we have a modern problem of lipid imbalances due to the overuse of omega-6-rich foods.

The reason why omega-3-rich fish oils are so important to cognition and brain health is because they help restore the natural balance of omega-3 to omega-6 in the blood, and also the blood that travels past the blood-brain barrier.

All is not lost – the missing or damaged pieces of the puzzle can be repaired or replaced to bring the body into a state better suited to learning.

Minerals can be intelligently supplemented like self-levelling gas tanks, and once those levels are restored they no longer need regular attention.

The same applies to oils (which end up as blood lipids) – once the levels are brought into proper range they also require no further daily maintenance.

Knowing how to detect and fix these problems is just a part of what’s yours to discover in bodygarage, The Minerals, Migraine, Sinusitis & Digestion Solution Book – now on sale on Kindle, iPhone, and iPad.

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