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Aug 20, 2017

‪Cattle Fever (Babesia) Ticks: “The Charge of the Tick Brigade” 1919 USDA Animated Cartoon‬

Contrary to what you may have been told, ticks and tick-borne disease have existed for a very long time. Babesia, as well as Lyme and Bartonella, is now world-wide, and needs a concrete environmental controls action plan.

‪Cattle Fever (Babesia) Ticks: “The Charge of the Tick Brigade” 1919 USDA Animated Cartoon‬ (Youtube)

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Aug 20, 2017

Facebook Post – 081117 – Trusted Morgellons Solutions – Ivermectin And Stromectol, Not in Canada


One year ago, and five months prior to my morgellons diagnosis, I thought I had scabies. Finding a doctor who had any clue was impossible, and pharmacy solutions were a total waste of money, they didn’t work. Ivermectin is available in the US, Europe, and the most impoverished African villages, but not in Canada.

I started this petition a year ago, and I hope others can join in to make Scabies a reportable disease, and to make Ivermectin (Stromectol from Merck) available in every drugstore as an under-the-counter solution.

This petition is the first step to having Morgellons disease acknowledged by the Public Health Agency of Canada, as the first stage shares a similar pathology to scabies.

Please add your voice and help protect other Canadians.

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Aug 20, 2017

Facebook Post – 072617 – Trusted Morgellons Solutions – ILADS, My Doctor, and The CEHF


Tick-borne disease diagnostics and treatment is a science unto itself. Since 1984 Dr Joseph Burrascano (of ILADS, International Lyme And Associated Diseases Society) has issued sixteen editions of his Treatment Guidelines, and they serve as a strong foundation for many Lyme-literate MD’s (LLMD’s). You can read his last edition from 2008 here:

ILADS-style LLMD’s follow a certain philosophy, that long-term antibiotics are part of an effective treatment, and that the criteria for determining Lyme and Related Co-Infections do not depend on test results that are most often false-negative.

When I began looking for a doctor, I was desperate and posted in Lymenet’s ‘Seeking a Doctor’ section ( I said I would travel anywhere on the planet to see a morgellons-literate doctor, as long as they would know what they were doing.

I had done plenty of searches for credible morgellons information and sometime in December let me know there was a new book out that might interest me. I had read about Cindy Casey’s morgellons experiences with her hubby, but it would take some time for me to make the connection to this book written by Ginger Savely, also a registered nurse who had been working with morgellons patients since at least 2004.

When lookup and TF responded to me on Lymenet, I was reminded of the book and was told to inquire if Ginger was seeing new patients. What an idea! I wrote to her and she responded quickly. Within a matter of a day or two I had filled out the new patient kit, set up an appointment, and on April 24th, 2017 I traveled to Washington for a three-day visit.

The trip was hard, really hard, on my body. I had just quit a 25 day herbal protocol that was on the verge of killing me, and I was suffering terribly from heart palpitations, heart arrhythmia, air hunger, and exhaustion. When I arrived at her office I was quite literally gasping for air. I was clinically diagnosed with lyme, bartonella, babesia, and morgellons. Ginger saw my fibers and lesions and there was no doubt in her mind what was going on. 17 doctors, 13 ER visits, and finally someone who really saw it for what it was. Not only was she able to determine my situation, but her compassion is what made my experience so positive. I returned home with hope, the first glimmer of light in almost 10 full months.

I started treatment the next day, upon arriving home. Again the ride and airports and metros were hard on me, but I had stocked up on all my meds while in Washington and was now armed to return to the barren wasteland of Canada where very little knowledge of tick-borne disease exists.

The first two weeks of treatment were insane, my body had never done anything like this before. The first three or four days my body would entirely lock up, unable to move off my bed. My back and neck was on fire. I posted in Lymenet asking for advice, and was consoled that this is part of the journey out of the rabbit hole. Two weeks passed, and I found solutions to cope with the excessive inflammation, and my palpitations stopped as well as my air hunger. Two months later I was starting to feel other tangible improvements, the amount of fibers drastically decreased, and the appearance of sand/crystals stopped entirely.

There is so little information out there on morgellons disease, but the two torch-bearers lighting the way are Ginger Savely and Cindy Casey.

Here is Ginger’s Book, if you’re reading these posts with interest you should not skip out on reading this. It is full of ideas and comfort.
“Morgellons: The Legitimization Of A Disease: A Factual Guide By The World’s Leading Clinical Expert”
October 2016

Read my Amazon review here:

Ginger is taking on new patients, however there is a waiting list. I only had to wait a month, and the key to getting the appointment was completing the new patient kit quickly. I understand that since the Morgellons conference earlier this year the waiting list has grown to three months or so, but seeing her really is worth the wait. Write to her at and ask about availability.

If you cannot afford or travel to see Ginger, her book has a section dedicated to solutions. For DIY people this is imprecisely what may work for you. Why imprecisely? Because it takes skill, intuition, and experience to clinically diagnose based on symptoms. One person may have lyme and morgellons but no other co-infections, or like me, who only tested positive for bartonella (PCR test) but also presents with the symptoms of lyme, babesia, and morgellons. And there is no test yet for the bacteria that causes morgellons. So the solutions in the book can be experimented with, three months or more at a time, assuming you can obtain access to genuine antibiotics and other suggested supplements. There really is no replacement for an experienced Lyme/Morgellons-literate doctor, but if cost and/or ability to travel is limited, you can try to work your situation out by following Ginger’s suggestions.

Here is Cindy Casey’s Foundation for Morgellons Disease Awareness
The Charles E. Holman Morgellons Disease Foundation

And here is ILADS, The International Lyme And Associated Diseases Society

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Aug 20, 2017

Facebook Post – 072417 – Trusted Morgellons Solutions – Tick-Borne Disease Diagnostics


Morgellons Disease is not just a skin problem, it affects every system of the body, most notably the immune system.

As with most tick-borne infections, you may not remember being bit, or maybe you weren’t bit by a tick at all, it could be a spider or other insect carrying the bacteria. The question is – which bacteria?

In Lyme Disease (Borrelia) there are additionally related Co-Infections such as Bartonella, Babesia, Ehrlichemia, Mycoplasma, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, and the list goes on. I assume Morgellons Disease is a Tick-Borne Co-Infection, similar in its ways to Bartonella, but even moreso complicated. In September 2016 ILADS (The International Lyme And Associated Diseases Society) recognized #Morgellons Disease as a tick-borne Filamentous Borrelial Dermatitis. Their September article can be read here (download the pdf):

You may not know what you are dealing with, and as unreliable as the testing is, it’s still worth the trouble (if you can afford it) to get tested for Tick-Borne Diseases via a well-respected lab such as IGeneX (, DNAConnexions (, Fry Labs (, or Galaxy Diagnostics ( Depending on where you live, you may have access to another well-respected lab that offers both microscopy and automated analysis.

When it comes to testing, here is a crib sheet:
– ELISA is unreliable to the degree of useless and a complete waste of time
– PCR is unreliable
– Western Blots are good, but still unreliable
– FISH microscopy is reliable, if the bacteria is in your blood

Due to the situation with unreliable testing, tick-borne diseases are most often diagnosed clinically. Lyme-literate and Morgellons-literate doctors know the symptoms of each individual Co-Infection well, and are able to determine an appropriate treatment plan that may span several years to see remission. In the case of Morgellons, the appearance of Fibers is the primary indicator, however there are also black specs and sharp crystal/sand-like objects that emerge from the skin.

Morgellons fibers are understood to develop from overactive fibroblasts, the melting pot at the lowest layer of your skin where connective tissue is built. While these fibers may appear to move, they are electrostatically attracted and inanimate. My fibers appeared at 7 months, and were dark black/blue in color. Shortly after experimenting with herbal tinctures the fibers changed to a fluorescent blue and stayed that way until I abandoned that protocol in April, soon before Lymenet ( helped me get to the Lyme/Morgellons-literate doctor I am now seeing. More about my doctor in the next post.

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Aug 20, 2017

Facebook Post – 072417 – Trusted Morgellons Solutions – Dudu-Osun Soap


My lesions wouldn’t heal despite everything I tried. I had fixed the white superinfected ones using Polysporin Gold (triple antibiotic ointment with lidocaine for pain relief), but the others just wouldn’t heal – until I found Dudu-Osun African Black Soap.

This awesomely awesome product does what no other soap can do. It’s healing and protective powers are beyond belief. After my first use I knew it was special.

Get into a shower, and lather up an abrasive cotton washcloth with Dudu-Osun soap. Rinse the bar of soap off and put it somewhere to dry. Soak your entire body in the suds of Dudu-Osun and leave it to stand for as long as you like, but 10 minutes minimum. Rinse off, air dry with a hair dryer, and carry on. In a matter of days you’ll see your lesions healing up, and while mine are entirely gone now, they have left pink and white splotches that I’ll probably have for life. Honestly I don’t care, nothing is worse than what was.

Dudu-Osun at

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Aug 20, 2017

Facebook Post – 072417 – Trusted Morgellons Solutions – Benzyl Benzoate


While the Antiparasitic Body Oil recipe in my book “S.O.S. Scabies” was very useful on my body, it wasn’t able to clear the nastyness on my scalp. Oh the things I did, and then I found something great.

Once upon a time, before the unreliable and ineffective Permethrin products flooded the market, there was Benzyl Benzoate. BB is still sold in Eastern Europe as an effective treatment for Scabies, but it is extremely irritating for the first hour on the skin. At 25% concentrate in a skin lotion, it acts like napalm and will blow away all the nasty. I tried it on my body, and I don’t recommend it. Ouch. For my scalp though, this was a lifesaver, and I felt no irritation whatsoever.

As part of a whole body treatment for Scabies, Pediculosis (body lice), and first-stage Morgellons (persistent parasitic skin stage), BB is a fantastic and inexpensive solution.

For best results with scalp use of BB, shave your head. It will allow you to better reach the entire area, and less BB is needed.

My favorite product is “Dermosan BB”, and is available on eBay from Romania. Buy in bulk (6 bottles recommended), I ran out after the first trial bottles and had to wait two weeks for more.

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Aug 20, 2017

Facebook Post – 072417 – Trusted Morgellons Solutions – Potassium Permanganate Baths

Just prior to New Years 2017 I came across an African treatment for chigoe flea infestations. The solution sounded odd, pour some purple crystals into a bathtub full of hot water and soak in it until the water is cold. Would this really work for me?

I scoured the internet for more information on this solution, and felt comfortable enough to give it a go. I found a local pharmacy who would order it for me, and I also bought products from the US and Thailand.

Potassium Permanganate (aka Condi’s Crystals), a long-used solution for eczema, is a highly-effective oxidizer and will quite literally (and safely) blast off the top layer of your skin and reach deeper to help draw out junk you don’t want to know about. It took me twenty baths and daily use of the Antiparasitic Body Oil in S.O.S. Scabies to entirely clear my parasitic skin issues. They went in February 2017 and have not returned.

The formula is 15g (1tbsp) of Potassium Permanganate to one full tub (150L) of hot water. Soak until the water goes cold. Keep the purple water out of your nose, eyes, and mouth. Bring a large washcloth into the bath and scrub a dub dub. It’ll turn brown. It can be washed repeatedly (on its own) until it falls apart from the PP oxidation.

If you can’t find it locally at a compounding pharmacy, there’s an American guy on ebay, “manofohm” who sells a very good product and delivers quickly via fedex. The price is good too. Don’t be tempted by the fish products sold from Thailand, they take ages to arrive (4 months for my order) and the quality is disappointing.

Manofohm on eBay USA:

To remove PP stains on your nails and tub mix some water with cream of tartar and a bit of hydrogen peroxide, then soak or spray it on. It works quickly.

Here are two good resources:

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Aug 20, 2017

Facebook Post – 072417 – Trusted Morgellons Solutions – Putting S.O.S. Scabies Into Use


By now you should have read my free book S.O.S. Scabies and are putting the best practices to daily use.

This includes:
– The special attention to clothes, linens, towels, and bedding
– The special attention to laundry and general hygiene
– The anti-parasitic body oil and ensuring your entire body is coated in it

For clarity, or those who just like to skim and not really read the book (due to an inability to focus etc), here is a recap of the included shopping list for Amazon Canada (most all of these products are available on other Amazon sites).

In order of importance:

1. Panda Mini Dryer

If you don’t already have a clothes dryer you will need this. The heat reaches 130F and will effectively sterilize your clothes, linens, and towels after each use. Washing your items is not as important as blasting them with heat.

2. 20 Mule Team Borax
There is no reasonably priced product on Amazon Canada, see your local stores.

1/3rd cup in every clothes washing load effectively kills anything you don’t want to know about. There is no replacement for this product, so buy several boxes. This product is also used in “Ted’s Mange Cure”, see the recipes section.

3. 3% Hydrogen Peroxide
There is no reasonably priced product on Amazon Canada, see your local stores.

This product is used in “Ted’s Mange Cure”, see the recipes section.

4. Rosemary Oil (pre-made, excellent!)
Rosemary Herb (to make it yourself, see recipes section)

Nature’s most wonderful antiparasitic herb. The extracted oil is extremely effective with one single application, and unlike all other antiparasitics it is entirely gentle, causes no irritation, and has a pleasant camphor smell. This oil, combined with neem oil and coconut oil form the main S.O.S. Scabies solution. Great thanks to a German man by the name of Friedrich Küchenmeister who wrote about rosemary oil for parasitic treatment back in 1857. This replaces every caustic, troublesome, and undependable pesticide sold in modern pharmacies.

5. Neem Oil

This is fifth on the list but actually shares the most important position with rosemary oil. The seed of the amazing Azadirachta Indica tree, native to India and Pakistan, contains a
volatile oil that unfailingly controls the mite reproductive cycle and will halt all development. It must be mixed no thinner than 1:8 (ideally 1:5) with an inexpensive refined coconut oil and applied head to toe, every day, until the appearance of new lesions stops and existing lesions have faded. You may need a lot of neem oil, and even more refined coconut oil. I recommend you start with 1L neem and 4L coconut and reorder as necessary.

6. Inexpensive Refined Coconut Oil

Carrier oil for daily head to toe applications. Your local dollar store or big box store may offer a similar product for just a few dollars.

7. Ground Ginger Powder

For a cleansing bath, see recipes section.

8. Baking Soda

For a cleansing bath, see recipes section.

9. Triple Antibiotic Ointment

For healing of infected lesions.

10. Condiment Squeeze Bottles for Oil Applications

These inexpensive plastic ketchup, mustard, and relish bottles are a practical and convenient solution. Again, your local dollar store may offer better value.

11. Nisska Steel Nit Comb

If your head is affected, this is the product to buy for removal of deposits. Easily sterilized and quickly reusable, this is an excellent product of good manufacturing.

12. Nail Brush

Cleaning under your nails is very important after they have been cut short. Keep them covered with rosemary oil after doing this and wear cotton gloves if possible.

13. Ableware Roll-Easy Lotion Applicator

Reaching your back completely is very important, this all-plastic tool does the job well and cleans up quickly.

14. Bed Bug Proof Pillow Protectors and Bed Bug Proof Bed Encasement

For peace of mind, and to limit the areas of re-transmission.

15. Grapefruit Seed Extract

For the Antiparasitic Cocktail recipe. A natural antibiotic that will help pass the viral load. If your chest is excessively heavy, this will help.

16. Diatomaceous Earth
There is no reasonably priced product on Amazon Canada, see your local stores.

A fossilized silica product for internal cleansing and external protection.

17. Olive Leaf Extract Capsules

As your body passes the problem your immune system will be operating at peak. You may experience flu-like symptoms, and this product offers some relief of these symptoms when taking one capsule twice a day.

18. Nu-Stock Ointment

A 70% sulfur ointment that soothes and reduces troublesome lesions. See the recipes section for best use.

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Aug 20, 2017

Facebook Post – 072417 – Trusted Morgellons Solutions – S.O.S. Scabies


From July to December 2016 I was frantic. In July, the 2005 tick bite on my hand exploded from use of sulfur ointment, mites hatched from eggs deeply laid, and my body was covered in awfulness. I thought I had a small patch of crusted scabies – the bites, itching, lesions and other horrible things shared the same pathology.

The solutions I slowly found between July and December were made into a book I called S.O.S. Scabies, and it was released on as a Kindle e-book. This was just prior to my diagnosis of Morgellons in late December, and although the book will serve anyone with Scabies well, its’ solutions continued to be an excellent resource as I coped through January and February, when the really good solutions emerged.

S.O.S. Scabies is a free gift to all visitors of this page, download it here:

S.O.S. Scabies 1st Edition (.pdf, English, Dec 2016)


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Aug 20, 2017

Facebook Post – 072417 – Trusted Morgellons Solutions – My Story

This is my story. A tick bite way back in 2005 remained painful for 11 years before I gave up on dermatologists and started looking into my own solutions.

Page with comments:
Jory Anick’s Morgellons Ordeal (July 2016-May 2017)

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