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Aug 17, 2017

Racism on Facebook OK, Canadian Lyme activism no bueño

I’m not one to share dramas or delve into useless intrigues, but after returning to Facebook following an 11-year absence, and advocating on Canadian CBC Radio for the benefits of using Facebook for their Canadian Lyme communities, yesterday Facebook banned me from their system. Banned.

This letter went out yesterday to some thirty news outlets. I don’t expect a response, but it will be useful to collect a paper trail of messages like this. Noteworthy, I am a member of the Canadian Lyme group referred to in this message, and the group administrator herself asked me to repost the message in question. This is not simply a user flagging my post.

Dear News Desk,

I am part of an ongoing petition on Lyme Disease to the Canadian Minister of Health, Jane Philpott. We are now just over 47,000 people participating in this petition, and a scheduled meeting with the Minister is to take place next week.

I suffer from Lyme Disease, and the costs associated to having to seek assistance outside Canada has decimated my savings and retirement fund. My health is all I have left.

To move this important health petition forward, I have been creating graphic ads to help move this very important cause forward. I am also co-founder of a global mapping project on lyme disease, and although it only exists for a short time, we are nearing 3000 entries on the map.

Today I posted a petition image in the ‘OhOh Canada’ lyme disease related Facebook group.

Here is the ad:


Moments later my account was locked out, I am effectively banned from facebook. Without any option for recourse, or dialog, or an explanation, I posted this message to Instagram and notified some of my 3500 Facebook friends to repost it on their Lyme groups. Moments later the Instagram post was removed.

The Instagram post:


Canadians need to know that there is a serious issue at hand with Lyme disease. If my account was blocked, it could have only been done so by players with an agenda contrary to the best interests of Canadians – the same people who will deny access to health care for people suffering with Lyme disease. This same behavior is active in the United States, and directly causes an unspeakable amount of suffering.

I am available to discuss this with you in more detail, so that everyone may know what is going on in our government with respect to Lyme disease.

Jory Anick
(Phone number removed)
jory at joryanick dot com

Canadians please sign the petition, it will help save lives.

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Update: My facebook account was restored three times and three times it was again banned, someone is working hard against the cause of providing rightful medical care to Canadian lyme disease sufferers.

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