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Mar 11, 2021

S.O.S. Scabies Second Edition – Scabies Solution Book

S.O.S. Scabies Second Edition Book Cover

After a long lapse and many books upgraded via email, I’m happy to announce that the second edition of my S.O.S. Scabies solution book is finally available in paperback!

First published in 2016, the recipes in this book were revised after more successful experiments followed in 2017, but sickness and a lack of focus kept me from finishing the work.

This second edition offers a more reliable set of instructions, and the potency of suggested products are much improved, which should lead to much better chances of resolving the problem.

For those who find their way to my book, I hope it gives you quick relief.

Best wishes,


S.O.S. Scabies – A DIY scabies solution book for scabies. Get your life back by using effective practices and products available on Amazon.

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Jul 12, 2019

Something’s Cooking at Bodygarage! 🍳

Is three times a charm? After two false starts I’m again looking at writing a book on a certain infection I’ve blogged about over on Trusted Morgellons Solutions for the past two years.

It’s too early still, but when it’s ripe it’ll be a Bodygarage Press book. Join my mailing list by clicking the Subscribe link at the top of this page to become an early reader for comments, and receive news when the book is released.

More news soon,


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Sep 16, 2018

Canada’s artificial trans fats ban comes into effect

hydrogenates trans fats hydrogenated oils

For all the things we haven’t yet corrected in our food chain here is one great move to protect the neurological health of future generations. Huge kudos to Health Canada for getting this right about trans fats and hydrogenates.

“Health Canada estimates that within three years, there will not be any kind of trans fat products on the shelves.”

Read the full article here:

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Sep 1, 2018

Trusted Morgellons Solutions – Metronidazole In Morgellons Disease Treatment

Originally posted on 7/8/2018

Borrelial dermatitis, aka the badly named, stigma-ridden, “#Morgellons Disease”, is no fun. If you’ve been following my progress then you already know this specific skin problem has not responded at all to over a year of oral antibiotics. Depressing and painful to live with.

I last found topical use of high-Carvacrol oregano oil, thanks to the work of Ying Zhang and his fellow researchers from John Hopkins University, and daily use made things much more tolerable. Not a cure by any means, but it made a huge difference in my pain levels and how I coped for many months.

The problem with oregano oil is that it’s super stingy, and it has to be stingy to a certain degree to work well. I had burnt myself several times, unintentionally, and was wary to reduce the dilution again to get more pain relief. I thought, “there must be some topical pharmaceutical that can work better than oregano oil”, what would my doc think? I asked, and so for the last two weeks I am using a 1% Metronidazole product called Metrogel, which is primarily sold as a treatment for Rosacea.

Metrogel monograph

The first week I could see it was helping me but the absence of all irritation was really amazing. I guess when you get used to being stingy all the time to reduce a worse pain, it’s surprising to have both the sting and pain gone together. Whew, I hope this lasts 🤭

Week #2 I added DMSO, a solvent made from trees that reaches deep into tissues. Any substance you put on top of DMSO will be absorbed deeper and faster, and this 70% concentration gel available via Amazon seems to be making the Metrogel more effective, I can feel it reaching deep where the pain comes from. DMSO requires a lot of attention and should be treated with great care, learn more about DMSO’s controversial history and how to handle it safely here:

More reading here:

This is the product I’m using now:



A 90% DMSO gel upgrade is next, and because Metrogel is so expensive (50g = $60 plus shipping), I plan to make my own Metronidazole gel, a recipe is forthcoming if experiments prove successful. I also plan to make a 2% formula to see if it fares better than 1% Metrogel on its own or with DMSO.

News to follow, in the meantime I strongly recommend the use of DMSO and 1% Metronidazole for those whose LLMD’s will Rx it. Great stuff – less crystal/shard development, less fibers, less pain, less misery.

Stay strong everyone 💚

metronidazole and dmso

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Sep 1, 2018

Trusted Morgellons Solutions – A Short History of Research In Morgellons Disease

Originally posted on 5/1/2018

Science marches on despite poor diagnostics, poor treatment options, and complete disorder in the understanding and acceptance of this multi-systemic disease.

Morgellons Disease is caused by Borrelia spirochetes, the same genus of bacteria that causes Lyme Disease.


Please like and follow this page, the CHARLES E. HOLMAN FOUNDATION page, and the Morgellons Survey page for concise, science-based knowledge of Morgellons Disease:

Research in this video:

Morgellons Disease: The Mystery Unfolds

Filament formation associated with spirochetal infection: a comparative approach to Morgellons disease

Morgellons Disease: A Chemical and Light Microscopic Study

Exploring the association between Morgellons disease and Lyme disease: identification of Borrelia burgdorferi in Morgellons disease patients

IGeneX ILADS 2016 Presentation

Co-culture of human fibroblasts and Borrelia burgdorferi enhances collagen and growth factor mRNA

History of Morgellons disease: from delusion to definition

Clinical evaluation of Morgellons disease in a cohort of North American patients

Music (CC) by Kevin MacLeod

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Sep 1, 2018

Trusted Morgellons Solutions – L-Ornithine In Lyme Disease Treatment

Originally posted on 3/23/2018

L-Ornithine In Lyme Disease Treatment

tl/dr (too long, didn’t read) summary: Ornithine detoxifies ammonia in the brain and will reduce your suffering from treatment. Start small and ramp up to 3000mg once daily, then reduce as you find a sweet spot for managing your bacterial/protozoal die-off.

Original post:
Not far from this time last year I was doing my second round of the Hulda Clark parasite protocol, but only the second time did I go ahead and try L-Ornithine.

Why I didn’t add L-Ornithine the first time around escapes me, but when I did try it on the second I depended on my local natural supplements store and could only find an L-Ornithine / L-Arginine 50/50 blend. I wasn’t sure about dosing this combo, so I never went above two capsules (500mg L-Ornithine in total) at a time.

When those two rounds were completed, that bottle of L-Ornithine / L-Arginine moved to the back of my pantry and there it stayed until a couple of weeks ago. Something led to something and I was again facing Hulda’s comments about L-Ornithine and how useful it was for clearing the brain of ammonia, a very debilitating side-effect caused by the die-off of bacteria and protozoa.

That night I dosed a gram of L-Ornithine / L-Arginine and did my usual daily protocol, not adding anything adventurous like herbal tinctures or essential oils. I felt okay the next day, but no dramatic changes were noticed.

The next night I dosed two grams of L-Ornithine / L-Arginine and again felt like my usual sick self. The bottle was almost empty so I decided to order an L-Ornithine-only product and do exactly as Hulda says.

The first night I did 1g and it went well.
The second night I did 2g and it went well.
The third night I did 3g and again, all good.
The fourth night I started getting adventurous, and continued at 3g but also doubling up on oregano oil (2x 180mg 80% Carvacrol gelcaps, which without fail will always make my head explode).
The fifth day I had no side effects, my head was fine, and continued the same protocol.
The sixth night I added in a capsule of cryptolepis / black walnut / teasel / red root, and again using 3g of L-Ornithine.
Yesterday I should have been suffering terribly by all this aggressive treatment but instead I was able to get a lot done. I felt fine considering what was really happening.
Last night I did the same protocol, but doubled up on Cryptolepis (6 drops), something I have not been able to do. Today I woke up feeling great.

I believe L-Ornithine, dosed exactly as Hulda Clark says, is a game-changer for those of us doing regular killing off of bacteria (borrelia etc) and protozoa (babesia). Tonight I plan to see how I can handle 3 oregano oil gelcaps (540mg).

Amazon Canada

iHerb Canada

Amazon USA

iHerb USA

Hulda’s Book (where the images below come from)

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Sep 1, 2018

Trusted Morgellons Solutions – Morgellons Disease: From Delusion to Definition

Originally posted on 2/24/2018

History of Morgellons Disease:
from delusion to definition.
Middelveen MJ, et al.
Clin Cosmet Investig Dermatol, 2018.

Read the article here

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Sep 1, 2018

Trusted Morgellons Solutions – Borrelia Implicated in Morgellons Disease

Originally posted on 12/27/2017

New research indicates Borrelia (lyme disease) is implicated in #morgellons disease. To understand this article one must know that morgellons fibers consist of keratin and collagen and are created by overactive infected fibroblasts, the melting pots where connective tissue is built.

Read the article here

I am getting well on antibiotcs used in #lyme disease treatment, I hope to post a full update soon.


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Sep 15, 2017

Health Canada Bans Harmful Hydrogenated Oils

Now this is encouraging news, Health Canada plans to ban neurologically harmful hydrogenated oils from the Canadian food chain.

“Health Canada is taking the final steps toward a ban on the main source of artificial trans fats in Canadian diets.

The department says it is banning partially hydrogenated oils or PHOs, which are the main source of industrially produced trans fats in all food sold in the country, including those foods prepared in restaurants.

The oils are used in the production of pastries, other baked goods and some packaged goods as a means of extending shelf life.

The ban will come into force on Sept. 15, 2018, in order to give the food industry enough time to find suitable alternatives. After that date, it will be illegal to sell any food containing PHOs.”

Read the full article here:

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Aug 25, 2017

Facebook Post – Lyme Disease Resources – Managing Medications

Brain fog?
Trouble remembering what meds to take when, and how much?
Have an iPhone or iPad?

I’ve used this app for a while now and don’t know how I’d have scheduled everything without it. A+

Pill Reminder – All in One, Medication Reminders by Sergio Licea

Legit recommendation – not an ad.

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