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Aug 20, 2017

Facebook Post – 072417 – Trusted Morgellons Solutions – Benzyl Benzoate


While the Antiparasitic Body Oil recipe in my book “S.O.S. Scabies” was very useful on my body, it wasn’t able to clear the nastyness on my scalp. Oh the things I did, and then I found something great.

Once upon a time, before the unreliable and ineffective Permethrin products flooded the market, there was Benzyl Benzoate. BB is still sold in Eastern Europe as an effective treatment for Scabies, but it is extremely irritating for the first hour on the skin. At 25% concentrate in a skin lotion, it acts like napalm and will blow away all the nasty. I tried it on my body, and I don’t recommend it. Ouch. For my scalp though, this was a lifesaver, and I felt no irritation whatsoever.

As part of a whole body treatment for Scabies, Pediculosis (body lice), and first-stage Morgellons (persistent parasitic skin stage), BB is a fantastic and inexpensive solution.

For best results with scalp use of BB, shave your head. It will allow you to better reach the entire area, and less BB is needed.

My favorite product is “Dermosan BB”, and is available on eBay from Romania. Buy in bulk (6 bottles recommended), I ran out after the first trial bottles and had to wait two weeks for more.

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