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Aug 20, 2017

Facebook Post – 072417 – Trusted Morgellons Solutions – Tick-Borne Disease Diagnostics


Morgellons Disease is not just a skin problem, it affects every system of the body, most notably the immune system.

As with most tick-borne infections, you may not remember being bit, or maybe you weren’t bit by a tick at all, it could be a spider or other insect carrying the bacteria. The question is – which bacteria?

In Lyme Disease (Borrelia) there are additionally related Co-Infections such as Bartonella, Babesia, Ehrlichemia, Mycoplasma, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, and the list goes on. I assume Morgellons Disease is a Tick-Borne Co-Infection, similar in its ways to Bartonella, but even moreso complicated. In September 2016 ILADS (The International Lyme And Associated Diseases Society) recognized #Morgellons Disease as a tick-borne Filamentous Borrelial Dermatitis. Their September article can be read here (download the pdf):

You may not know what you are dealing with, and as unreliable as the testing is, it’s still worth the trouble (if you can afford it) to get tested for Tick-Borne Diseases via a well-respected lab such as IGeneX (, DNAConnexions (, Fry Labs (, or Galaxy Diagnostics ( Depending on where you live, you may have access to another well-respected lab that offers both microscopy and automated analysis.

When it comes to testing, here is a crib sheet:
– ELISA is unreliable to the degree of useless and a complete waste of time
– PCR is unreliable
– Western Blots are good, but still unreliable
– FISH microscopy is reliable, if the bacteria is in your blood

Due to the situation with unreliable testing, tick-borne diseases are most often diagnosed clinically. Lyme-literate and Morgellons-literate doctors know the symptoms of each individual Co-Infection well, and are able to determine an appropriate treatment plan that may span several years to see remission. In the case of Morgellons, the appearance of Fibers is the primary indicator, however there are also black specs and sharp crystal/sand-like objects that emerge from the skin.

Morgellons fibers are understood to develop from overactive fibroblasts, the melting pot at the lowest layer of your skin where connective tissue is built. While these fibers may appear to move, they are electrostatically attracted and inanimate. My fibers appeared at 7 months, and were dark black/blue in color. Shortly after experimenting with herbal tinctures the fibers changed to a fluorescent blue and stayed that way until I abandoned that protocol in April, soon before Lymenet ( helped me get to the Lyme/Morgellons-literate doctor I am now seeing. More about my doctor in the next post.

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