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Aug 20, 2017

Facebook Post – 081117 – Trusted Morgellons Solutions – Ivermectin And Stromectol, Not in Canada


One year ago, and five months prior to my morgellons diagnosis, I thought I had scabies. Finding a doctor who had any clue was impossible, and pharmacy solutions were a total waste of money, they didn’t work. Ivermectin is available in the US, Europe, and the most impoverished African villages, but not in Canada.

I started this petition a year ago, and I hope others can join in to make Scabies a reportable disease, and to make Ivermectin (Stromectol from Merck) available in every drugstore as an under-the-counter solution.

This petition is the first step to having Morgellons disease acknowledged by the Public Health Agency of Canada, as the first stage shares a similar pathology to scabies.

Please add your voice and help protect other Canadians.

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