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bodygarage Health Book Blog

Aug 25, 2017

Facebook Post – Lyme Disease Resources – Detoxification Pathways


Clear detoxification pathways are crucial to an effective treatment protocol. The lowermost building blocks of these pathways are essential minerals we obtain from food.

But what happens when these pathways are closed and the systems cannot effectively drain themselves? The entire system backs up into the bloodstream where inflammation spreads.

One solution to rebuilding deficient detox pathways is to fix chronic mineral deficiencies of Manganese, Zinc, Copper, and Selenium. This is easily done using a tool I developed in 2009, and continued to perfect through 2013. It is a system of minerals in liquid form, and an iPhone/iPad app to effectively manage them to permanently fix your chronic deficiencies.

Learn about Liquid Minerals, the myMinerals app, and my 2012 book “Bodygarage” here:

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