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bodygarage Health Book Blog

Sep 21, 2017

Jory Anick’s Morgellons Ordeal (Part 3)

This is my continued story between March and September 2017.

1. Failed herbal protocol (that shall not be named!)
2. Desperation. Lymenet inspires me to contact Ginger Savely, the foremost expert doctor in Morgellons Disease diagnosis and treatment.
3. Travel to Washington, DC to meet my doctor
4. Treatment begins, immune system supplements, blood test results
5. Syphilis research
6. Testing positive for bartonella henslae (but no borrelia or babesia?? ?)
7. Lyme Disease Mapping Project
8. Announcing a upcoming book on morgellons disease, “Morgellons911”

Story to be continued. Thanks to all my readers and Facebook friends for their compassion and support!


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