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Aug 6, 2017

myMinerals For Android Revisited

myMinerals for Android 1.08 (2013)myMinerals for Android 1.08 (2013)myMinerals for Android 1.08 (2013)myMinerals for Android 1.08 (2013)

myMinerals for Android 1.08 (2013)

In October 2013 I developed an Android version of the myMinerals Mineral Deficiency Treatment App. For some reason that they would not disclose to me, Google unilaterally deleted my app, my Google Wallet (which would allow me to generate an income from the app), and then my developer account. I tried to appeal, but there was no-one to talk to. Since then I have not seen Google as a good citizen, and believe they have much to learn from Apple in the area of customer service.

So now you know just why the myMinerals app is not in the Google Play Store, but I have held onto the Android .apk and send it out when others request it. To install this .apk of myMinerals your Android tablet or phone device must support ‘sideloading’, meaning you can install the app from an online link or storage card.

Thanks to a recent increase in interest I’m providing the Android .apk right here. The last version is 1.08 and has a file date of 10/27/13. Do not download myMinerals Android Edition from any other location as this is the only genuine copy, certified to be free of any issues.

myMinerals Android Edition v1.08

To buy the liquid minerals setup for the myMinerals app (in Canada):

I hope you find great use here!


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