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Mar 11, 2021

S.O.S. Scabies Second Edition – Scabies Solution Book

S.O.S. Scabies Second Edition Book Cover

After a long lapse and many books upgraded via email, I’m happy to announce that the second edition of my S.O.S. Scabies solution book is finally available in paperback!

First published in 2016, the recipes in this book were revised after more successful experiments followed in 2017, but sickness and a lack of focus kept me from finishing the work.

This second edition offers a more reliable set of instructions, and the potency of suggested products are much improved, which should lead to much better chances of resolving the problem.

For those who find their way to my book, I hope it gives you quick relief.

Best wishes,


S.O.S. Scabies – A DIY scabies solution book for scabies. Get your life back by using effective practices and products available on Amazon.

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