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Apr 22, 2019

Trusted Morgellons Solutions – DIY Topical Treatment v4.0

Originally posted on 4/16/2018


(Follow-up post from Facebook)

Since the last post about this formula two fairly important things have happened.

1. I went back to Metronidazole after finding White Vinegar as a better solvent, this replaces the somewhat sketchy 10% Hydrochloric Acid.

2. I had many allergic reactions that made my skin too sensitive to use DMSO, I couldn’t apply anything. Because of this I’ve been off topical antibiotics for almost 3 months now and my filaments and crystals are gone. The problem is still there, I can feel it, but otherwise the trouble is a 0/10. I’ve been off all painkillers since October 2018.

Tonight this new batch was made, here’s the formula:

– Medical-grade 99.9% Metronidazole powder is available from aquarium supply stores or via eBay.

– White Vinegar (5% Acetic Acid) is available most anywhere.

– Gentle oatmeal-rich skin creams and lotions with added preservatives are available from your local health food store, Amazon, or eBay.

– Readymade magnetic stirrers including spin bar are available via eBay and Amazon. Here’s an affordable one.

– 90% DMSO Gel is available via Amazon, eBay, or your local feed supply store.

1. Mix 4000mg Metronidazole powder
into 2ml (40 drops) White Vinegar. Mix for 10 minutes with magnetic stirrer.

2. Add 20g premade skin cream or lotion.
Mix for 5-10 minutes with magnetic stirrer.

3. Store in a dark area at room temperature, use within 30 days as it will degrade.

How To Use:
1. Apply a thin layer of 90% DMSO to areas affected by filament/crystal growth and leave on for a minute.
2. Apply a thin layer of your DIY Metronidazole cream over it. Repeat every four hours, do not wash off.

What To Expect:
Fully relieved pore blockage, filaments and crystal matter will vanish. At first there will be a massive purge of infected pores, this will be unpleasant but worth it.

As with all medications and supplements, always check with your doctor before starting something new, just to be safe.

Stay strong everyone 💚

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