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Sep 1, 2018

Trusted Morgellons Solutions – L-Ornithine In Lyme Disease Treatment

Originally posted on 3/23/2018

L-Ornithine In Lyme Disease Treatment

tl/dr (too long, didn’t read) summary: Ornithine detoxifies ammonia in the brain and will reduce your suffering from treatment. Start small and ramp up to 3000mg once daily, then reduce as you find a sweet spot for managing your bacterial/protozoal die-off.

Original post:
Not far from this time last year I was doing my second round of the Hulda Clark parasite protocol, but only the second time did I go ahead and try L-Ornithine.

Why I didn’t add L-Ornithine the first time around escapes me, but when I did try it on the second I depended on my local natural supplements store and could only find an L-Ornithine / L-Arginine 50/50 blend. I wasn’t sure about dosing this combo, so I never went above two capsules (500mg L-Ornithine in total) at a time.

When those two rounds were completed, that bottle of L-Ornithine / L-Arginine moved to the back of my pantry and there it stayed until a couple of weeks ago. Something led to something and I was again facing Hulda’s comments about L-Ornithine and how useful it was for clearing the brain of ammonia, a very debilitating side-effect caused by the die-off of bacteria and protozoa.

That night I dosed a gram of L-Ornithine / L-Arginine and did my usual daily protocol, not adding anything adventurous like herbal tinctures or essential oils. I felt okay the next day, but no dramatic changes were noticed.

The next night I dosed two grams of L-Ornithine / L-Arginine and again felt like my usual sick self. The bottle was almost empty so I decided to order an L-Ornithine-only product and do exactly as Hulda says.

The first night I did 1g and it went well.
The second night I did 2g and it went well.
The third night I did 3g and again, all good.
The fourth night I started getting adventurous, and continued at 3g but also doubling up on oregano oil (2x 180mg 80% Carvacrol gelcaps, which without fail will always make my head explode).
The fifth day I had no side effects, my head was fine, and continued the same protocol.
The sixth night I added in a capsule of cryptolepis / black walnut / teasel / red root, and again using 3g of L-Ornithine.
Yesterday I should have been suffering terribly by all this aggressive treatment but instead I was able to get a lot done. I felt fine considering what was really happening.
Last night I did the same protocol, but doubled up on Cryptolepis (6 drops), something I have not been able to do. Today I woke up feeling great.

I believe L-Ornithine, dosed exactly as Hulda Clark says, is a game-changer for those of us doing regular killing off of bacteria (borrelia etc) and protozoa (babesia). Tonight I plan to see how I can handle 3 oregano oil gelcaps (540mg).

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