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Sep 1, 2018

Trusted Morgellons Solutions – Metronidazole In Morgellons Disease Treatment

Originally posted on 7/8/2018

Borrelial dermatitis, aka the badly named, stigma-ridden, “#Morgellons Disease”, is no fun. If you’ve been following my progress then you already know this specific skin problem has not responded at all to over a year of oral antibiotics. Depressing and painful to live with.

I last found topical use of high-Carvacrol oregano oil, thanks to the work of Ying Zhang and his fellow researchers from John Hopkins University, and daily use made things much more tolerable. Not a cure by any means, but it made a huge difference in my pain levels and how I coped for many months.

The problem with oregano oil is that it’s super stingy, and it has to be stingy to a certain degree to work well. I had burnt myself several times, unintentionally, and was wary to reduce the dilution again to get more pain relief. I thought, “there must be some topical pharmaceutical that can work better than oregano oil”, what would my doc think? I asked, and so for the last two weeks I am using a 1% Metronidazole product called Metrogel, which is primarily sold as a treatment for Rosacea.

Metrogel monograph

The first week I could see it was helping me but the absence of all irritation was really amazing. I guess when you get used to being stingy all the time to reduce a worse pain, it’s surprising to have both the sting and pain gone together. Whew, I hope this lasts 🤭

Week #2 I added DMSO, a solvent made from trees that reaches deep into tissues. Any substance you put on top of DMSO will be absorbed deeper and faster, and this 70% concentration gel available via Amazon seems to be making the Metrogel more effective, I can feel it reaching deep where the pain comes from. DMSO requires a lot of attention and should be treated with great care, learn more about DMSO’s controversial history and how to handle it safely here:

More reading here:

This is the product I’m using now:



A 90% DMSO gel upgrade is next, and because Metrogel is so expensive (50g = $60 plus shipping), I plan to make my own Metronidazole gel, a recipe is forthcoming if experiments prove successful. I also plan to make a 2% formula to see if it fares better than 1% Metrogel on its own or with DMSO.

News to follow, in the meantime I strongly recommend the use of DMSO and 1% Metronidazole for those whose LLMD’s will Rx it. Great stuff – less crystal/shard development, less fibers, less pain, less misery.

Stay strong everyone 💚

metronidazole and dmso

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