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Sep 1, 2018

Trusted Morgellons Solutions – Treatment With Oregano Oil

Originally posted on 3/21/2018

Last year Ying Zhang and five other researchers from John Hopkins University produced a document covering effective essential oil treatments for Lyme disease. I read this with great interest and was curious to see what the practical application could be for me, based on the current understanding by researchers that Morgellons Disease is actually a Borrelial dermatitis, and by IGeneX ( to be a sub-species of Lyme known as Relapsing Fever, or TBRF, or Borrelia miyamotoi, or Borrelia duttoni. It is also understood that there is a genetic predisposition to this particular bacteria that will cause infected skin to go haywire and begin knitting keratin and collagen into fibers, crystals, and shards that painfully block skin pores.

I already had a bottle of high Carvacrol content oregano oil (80%) bought for a different purpose, and began applying it topically to my most difficult spot. This area of skin had very little improvement overall since antibiotic treatment began nearly a year ago, and is where the most fibers, crystals, and shards continued to develop.

Tramadols and advils were part of my daily coping strategy, and I really wanted to believe this could work, so I made the applications a regular habit, as though it were an antibiotic. Every six hours on schedule, every day, I applied oregano oil to this one difficult spot.

At first it burned like bloody hell, and then the fibers began to fade in intensity. Then, over a period of two weeks or so, as though my pores were suddenly flushing themselves, large masses of crystal-like substances came out in chunks 🤢 I had great pain relief, I knew this was doing something positive.

I’m on my 4th bottle of oregano oil now, about 200ml used in all so far, and it’s working. I rarely see fibers now, as I once did when Alinia was doing something magical for me, but the difference in pain is immense.

A 60ml bottle of 80% Carvracol oregano oil from Natural Factors is $35 CDN on Amazon. Considering what I’ve spent on other things this solution is quite affordable.

Are you suffering with painful morgellons patches? Work through the initial burn, this is worth trying!
Don’t buy this! Link kept for historical purposes, see Second Update below

Amazon USA:
Don’t buy this! Link kept for historical purposes, see Second Update below

Original research document

Relapsing Fever at IGeneX

The Wikipedia entry for Borrelia

The Wikipedia entry for Borrelia duttoni

Update: In consideration of different products having different strengths, and also our individual ability to tolerate oregano/carvacrol, it is suggested that you begin using oregano oil at a dilution of 1:3 in a base of coconut oil. As you are able to tolerate it, the ratio can be reduced. This should help avoid any scorches.

Second Update: I have switched from Natural Factors 80% Carvacrol oregano oil to the Mystic Moments oregano oil product, it is easily 10X stronger and requires serious caution. I do not recommend you use it any less diluted than 1:2. See my review on the Amazon Canada product page.

Mystic Moments Oregano Oil (Canada):

Mystic Moments Oregano Oil (USA):

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