myMinerals Mineral Deficiency Treatment App
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myMinerals uses your tongue as a sensor to restore balance to the mineral levels in your blood

myMinerals, The Mineral Deficiency Treatment App for Liquid Minerals on the App Store

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myMinerals Mineral Deficiency Treatment App

Introducing myMinerals,
The Mineral Deficiency
Treatment App
for Liquid Minerals

When you test your mineral levels with the BodyBio Mineral Test Kit (MTK), enter your values into the myMinerals app. A custom recipe will follow for supplementing with Liquid Minerals, prepare a glass of Vitamin-C-rich juice and follow the recipe. The summary screen and scrolling graphs will show you what minerals your body has most of, and where your deficiencies are.

Mineral deficiencies can cause many physical and mental health problems, and as you continue using myMinerals your blood levels of potassium, zinc, magnesium, copper, chromium, manganese, molybdenum, selenium and iodine will become ideal.


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Compatible with iOS v6.0+
No network connection required

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Jory Anick, Author of myMinerals, The Mineral Deficiency Treatment App

My name is Jory Anick, and I am the author of bodygarage and myMinerals Mineral Deficiency Treatment software.

When I became too sick to sit in front of a computer, I began to read in bed. I spent hundreds of hours sifting through the journals of toxicology specialty doctors and fatty acid researchers, of Ayurvedic texts and their many interpretations, of food data statistics, and of natural medicine. My experiments with these new found details brought a restoration of my well-being - I am migraine headache free since 2009, sinusitis and sinus polyp free since 2010, and lastly, what I call "mineral stable", by using the myMinerals software I developed in 2009 and later upgraded in 2012 and 2013. All combined, there is a new science here, and very few ideas are my own.

Among previous careers I was the founder and CEO of Emulive Imaging Corporation, a software company that offered my audio and video streaming broadcast software tools on Windows and Java compatible platforms in the pre-YouTube days.

My personal experience led to the development of bodygarage and myMinerals, and they are my effort to explain how certain common health problems can be identified, managed, or cured. I hope you can find good use in them.

Best wishes,

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Version 1.64

  • FIXResolves the black screen problem after language selection (iOS 8.2 only), iCloud backup will no longer backup the downloaded Bodygarage book, increased reliability for aborted download


  • FIXVersion 1.63 (4.01.2015): Minor improvements
  • FIXVersion 1.62 (3.23.2015): Corrections for iOS 8.2
  • FIXVersion 1.59 (9.15.2014): Minor improvements
  • FIXVersion 1.58 (7.29.2014): ios7 / 64bit adjustments, minor improvements
  • FIXVersion 1.57 (10.17.2013): myMinerals and bodygarage are now available in English, French, Spanish, Japanese and Simplified Chinese. An in-app purchase will download the book onto your device, and a custom viewer will allow you to read or print it
  • ADDVersion 1.56 (8.26.2013): minor improvements
  • FIXVersion 1.55 (8.21.2013): My book 'bodygarage' is now available as an in-app purchase
  • NEWVersion 1.52 (7.30.2013): Minor improvements
  • NEWVersion 1.51 (5.06.2013): myMinerals can now be launched from other applications via URL myminerals://, reminder to take a B-50 Complex Vitamin
  • NEWVersion 1.50 (3.23.2013): Deficiency management improvements, swipe left or right to move between summary screen and mineral graphs, Detox mode enables reminder notifications every 3 hours when the app is closed. Note: myMinerals must be kept closed to preserve notification time
  • NEWVersion 1.40 (3.11.2013): New summary screen shows all deficiency details at once, tapping the graph window toggles page scrolling, minor user interface improvements
  • NEWVersion 1.31 (2.27.2013): Deficiency management improvements, iPad interface improvements, minor interface bugfix
  • NEWVersion 1.3 (2.22.2013): Deficiency percentage monitor uses the last 10 samples only, added test count display, now a universal app (iPod Touch / iPhone / iPad)
  • NEWVersion 1.2 (11.20.2012): Added support for new BodyBio iodine test (#9), deficiency percentage monitor now displays average of deficiency vs number of tests instead of average level of deficiency among tests, iPhone5 support
  • NEWVersion 1.1 (11.14.2012): More child friendly, added deficiency percentage monitor
  • NEWVersion 1.0 (11.08.2012)

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myMinerals was designed to be easy to understand and use, however you may have questions or want to submit a suggestion or bug.

For all inquiries of this type please use the following email address or contact form.

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